Monday, June 27, 2011

June in France


Summer is here and with that brings French Bread, French wine and most importantly French limestone! We started our summer with two wonderful climbing camps designated towards Team ABC kids and parents. The first camp was filled with 6 Regional Champions, four from Boulder, one from Iowa and one from Seattle! The second week was filled with younger talented ABC kids. They were introduced to Outdoor Rock Climbing and rapelling. Working with these wonderful kids (and some of their parents) included Advanced Team ABC Head Coach Adam Brink and my Business Manager Katherine Weadley.

The Raboutou kids are also climbing this summer. Shawn and Brooke are working routes and preparing for our upcoming trip to Spain. Brooke redpointed one of her Dad's first assents, Bad Attitude 5.13c/8a+, while Shawn did Persifleur 5.13+/8b another route put up by Didier. I surprised myself with the redpoint of Quick and Toast a new 14a/8b+ for me and just three days later, Shawn also redpointed Quick and Toast.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Pyrenees for Didier's once a year bike race. At the same time, we will celebrate my in laws 50th wedding anniversary.


NM said...

you and your kids are an inspiration! How's Drew doing? I've watched him climb in the northwest for a while now.

Raboutou Family said...

Thanks! Drew is doing well. He just sent a 5.13a at Smith Rocks.

Little Dan said...

Congrats on the Family sends! I am curious about the climbing in St Antonin. Is there a north facing sector? Is there a close place where it is okay to sleep in your car? Topos available? I am currently living in Catalunya and hoping to escape the heat for a 4 day weekend.

Raboutou Family said...

You can always find shade around the cliffs of St. Antonin. I suppose you can sleep in your car outside of town. There is a topo but it's old.

Unknown said...

Brooke inspired me more that my coaches ever could you rock Brooke when life gets you down just shake it off and keep moving up the ladder and maybe we can meet eachother some day